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 2018 Year-End Biggest Offer !

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2018 연말 최대 감사 행사를 참조하세요

All about Balance ! FREE Posture Screen and Consultation by APPOINTMENT

 센터에서는 예약시 무료 상담 분석과 달마다 이벤트를 진행하며 또한 자세와 바른 척추의 중요성 알리는 유익한 찾아가는 특강 및 강의도 학교 회사 공사 단체 기관 등에서 지속 개최합니다. 

Appointment call (예약 문의) : 02) 533-5124 


2 thoughts on “Gangnam Health in Balance Chiro-Pilates

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in your services and I was wondering if you did shoulder injuries. I dislocated my shoulder during wrestling practice and I just want to make sure if it was set properly.


    1. Hi Jason sure we will help you
      we don’t check questions usually cause busy schedule usually phone call for appointment so sorry for you to answer late.
      Call for appointment Direct (02) 533-5124

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