Spinal Health Lecture for company, schools,org! 학교 단체 회사 바른 척추 자세건강 특강 및 교육

How we know our body function through the deep squat self test we can see many things through that.

(Flat feet can cause knee pain and halux valgus, low back pain and pelvic deviation)


Lecture of window to your spine for KT company workers

We had great lecture meetup for Spinal healing and self test, essential relaxation method and importance of relationship with smart phone, computer, high heels, shoes, bag pack, bag etc and how to use essential oils to enhance immunity  for foreigners and korean in shinchon SOMOS, next one will be held on september 26th 2015, at 1:00, It will be held Every month! Any schools, organization, companies interested Just call  (02) 533-5124

국내외 분들을 위한 바른 척추 자세교정기능 운동, 자가테스트, 머스트 해브 아이템 (스마트폰,컴퓨터, 하이힐, 구두,백팩, 핸드백 등)과의 바람직한 관계 설정, 자가테스트, 교정운동 , 면역력 향상을 위한 에센셜 오일 활용법등 아주 유용한 강의를 매달 진행하고 있습니다. 이미 수없이 많은 기관 외국인 단체 회사 공사 공무원그룹등과 함께 자세건강강의를 진행하였고 앞으로도 관심있는 학교 회사 그룹 단체 분들의 많은 참여 바랍니다.

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Lecture in the Public Office

Correct Posture education in foreign high school



Lecture for Public office, Company, Organizations, Schools, Traning clinic, Foreign community etc

History of lecture since 2005

Hyundai engineering for foreign staffs in the company 현대엔지니어링 다양한 스트레스관리 및 척추 자세 힐링

National fusion research institute 국가 핵 융합 연구소 spinal healing through postural wellness 

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning 한국 산업기술 평가Stress and spinal healing 스트레스와 척추힐링

KTDSStress management and spinal healing and self tests and exercises

National Police agency Seoul  how to use my body to release 

National Police agency Patrol Party Kyung gistress release via postural healing and correction

National Emergency Management Incheon 인천소방청 Various postural stressors related with the firefighters 다양한 스트레스에 대처 및 자세 힐링

 Korea Energy Technology Evaluation Institute 한국 에너지 기술 평가원 stress and postural healing

 Yuanta Stock company  유안타 증권 Release the Stress through the Spinal healing

Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation, 경기 도시 공사 recovering the health and releasing stress through learning of posture correction

 Incheon Urban Innovation Corporation 인천 도시 공사 recovering the health and releasing stress through learning of posture correction

 IBM Korea  how to use my body to release stress 스트레스에 대처하는 내몸사용하기

 Shinhan insurance Company Releasing stress via postural correction and spinal health

 Just Call for seminar and education for postural health and spinal healing for company and schools, organization, fitness clinic, center etc

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