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Seoul-Chiropractic-Info.com offers  the quality services of Dr. Andrew Park S. Woo   Chiropratic Physician.  Dr. Park has been a practicing chiropractor in Seoul for several years.  He has been operating continuously from his present office, conveniently located in Gangnam Seoul, less than a 5-minute walk from Gangnam Subway(2nd line) exit #10 and less than 10 min Sin-nonhyun subway(9th line) station exit #6.

Dr. Park is fluent in both English and Korean.  To see his Korean websites, click the following links:


Dr.Park graduated from one of the most unique and prestigious international chiropractic training Univ in the world, the Royal Melbourne(RMIT) Chiropractic University.

Dr. Park is a:

  • RMIT(Royal Melbourne) university – BApsc, CSc
  • U.S. National Board of Chiropractic Examiner
  • U.S Licensed Chiropractic Physician, State of illinois
  • Member of  the KCA
  • Certified Method Pilates Mat Instructor,H.K
  • Completion of Polestar pilates advanced course, U.S
  • Certified Leander Spinal Biomechanics
  • Certified IBT (Integrated Balance Techniques) Practitioner
  • TPI Golfer fit/rehab member
  • Completion of Seminar TMJ(Jaw), ART, CNT(Cranial Nerve) technique
  • Researching Seminar of Functional Nutrition
  • Completion of Seminar functional Neurology for the Primary care provider, course name(844) by Dr Carrick (U.S) 
  • Completion of Seminar Cranial biomechanic Pathomechanics & Diagnostics by  Dr Alain gehin from France
  • Completion of seminar CMRT (Reflex technique)
  • Certified Dr Wood Gonstead Seminar 
  • Osteopathy for children and teenagers posture and beauty
  • Lecturer of Posture Functional Neuroscience in Cha medical university integrated med science Postgraduate school,  ~ Current
  • Youtube open : https://youtu.be/5VsQTPOPYvg

To make an appointment call (02) 533-5124. 


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