Location / Hours / Free parking 위치/시간/무료주차


Directions:  From Gangnam subway(line2) exit 10  Walk straight out of the exit until you see the Body Shop on your left.  Turn left at that street, walk a short distance.  Dr. Parks office is the tan brick building directly across from Butterfinger Pancakes; 7th floor – suite 710

From Bundang : It also connected to Gangnam subway station so you can get here from bundang using subway

From Sin-nonhyun station Exit # 6, go straight to the way of Gangnam subway , you see the Woori Bank and Body shop, take a right at the Woori Bank , you can see Beige brick  Bldg and Butterfinger pancakes, just Opposite side of it , Center Plaza Bldg suite 710 (1st GS 25 Mart)

Driving direction : From the north of Han-River, the Hannam bridge direction,  just going through hannam bridge to the way of Gangnam Daero( Gangnam subway area), you can see the Kyobo Bldg(Red Big Bldg) and sin-nonhyun subway station, passing kyobo bldg, drive straight forward little more, you can see Pagoda tower, woori  bank on the right and body shop, just take a right at the  woori bank bldg (between  woori bank  bldg and Body shop) and drive straight 1 short block you can see the beige brick bldg( 1st floor GS 25 mart), butterfinger pancakes opposite side of it, in that bldg 7th floor, 710, take the elevator down to 1st F (left side)

or  any other bridges direction from the north of han river like sungsu or banpo bridge or dong-jak bridge, most of bridges directed into gangnam in seoul which will lead you easily to the gangnam subway area( Gangnam Daero)in seoul.

If you are coming from the south area of korea,If you drive to the Gangnam daero area(Gangnam subway station area) , you will see the  KDB Sanup Bank bldg on your left side at the intersection of Gangnam subway area, take a  left and take a right at first alleyway(behind theater – Megabox bldg) or take a right at 2nd alley intersection and go forward a bit , you will see baseball net on your front, just beside it center plaza bldg (beige brick bldg – GS 25 Mart on 1st Floor) located across from butter-finger pancakes.

오픈 예약 시간 Office Appointment Hours

주중 Weekdays 9:00AM – 8:00 PM

주말 Weekends 9:00AM – 4:00 PM

on Thursday we finished at 5PM until end of June cause of lecture in Cha Integrated medical science postgraduate university 차의과대학 통합의학대학원 강의로 목요일은 6월 말까지 5시까지 운영하오니 이점 양해 바랍니다  

We always welcome your visit but will appreciate your appointment before visiting, because we have busy schedule or outside for the lecture sometimes. thank you

Appointment can be flexibly arranged for  example 8:00 or 8:30 am and 8:20 pm..

Sundays can be opened only when its available.

Address : Center Plaza Bldge suite 710, Seocho gu Seochodong 1307-7, Seoul Korea

Appointment call : (02) 533-5124

1hr Free Parking lot 무료주차1시간 경동주차장 : Kyung-dong Parking lot , take a right at the Gangnam Daega restaurant beside the Center Plaza Bldg or go  straight passing by gangnam daega , you will see the big ample parking lot on your right side soon, just bring your parking receipt to be stamped on it.


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