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Direct Immediate Appointment System 즉각적인 예약 시스템  !! You do not need to wait, EVEN TODAY you can make an Appointment instantly and the DAY you can come. 기다릴 필요없는 바로 예약 시스템 당일도 가능할 수 있는 빠른 다이렉트 예약!!

Directions:  From Gangnam subway(line2) exit 10  Walk straight out of the exit until you see the street with woori bank in front of you.  Turn left at that street, walk a short distance.  Dr. Parks office is the tan brick building directly across from Butterfinger Pancakes; 7th floor – suite 710

From Bundang : It also connected to Gangnam subway station so you can get here from bundang using subway

From Sin-nonhyun station Exit # 6, go straight to the way of Gangnam subway , you see the Woori Bank and Body shop, take a right at the Woori Bank , you can see Beige brick  Bldg Located just Opposite side of Butterfinger pancakes , Center Plaza Bldg suite 710 (1st GS 25 Mart)

From Yeoksam station : Just go down to the gangnam subway station and go out of exit 10 of Gangnam station and you see the body shop and woori bank, make a left at it and walk straight you can see butter finger pancakes and just cross the street, you can see beige brick bldg having GS 25 mart on 1st floor, in that bldg 7th floor Suite 710.

Driving direction : From the north of Han-River, the Hannam bridge direction,  just going through hannam bridge to the way of Gangnam Daero( Gangnam subway area), you can see the Kyobo Bldg(Red Big Bldg) and sin-nonhyun subway station, passing kyobo bldg, drive straight forward little more, you can see Pagoda tower, woori  bank on the right and body shop, just take a right at the  woori bank bldg (between  woori bank  bldg and Body shop) and drive straight 1 short block you can see the beige brick bldg( 1st floor GS 25 mart), butterfinger pancakes opposite side of it, in that bldg 7th floor, 710, take the elevator down to 1st F (left side)

or  any other bridges direction from the north of han river like sungsu or banpo bridge or dong-jak bridge, most of bridges directed into gangnam in seoul which will lead you easily to the gangnam subway area( Gangnam Daero)in seoul.

If you are coming from the south area of korea, If you drive to the Gangnam daero area(Gangnam subway station area) , you will see the  KDB San-up Bank bldg on your left side at the intersection of Gangnam subway area(Gangnam Daero), take a  left and take a right at first alleyway(behind theater – Megabox bldg) or take a right at 2nd alley intersection and go forward a bit , you will see baseball net and Seocho elementary school on your front, just to the right side of it center plaza bldg (beige brick bldg – GS 25 Mart on 1st Floor) located across from the butter-finger pancakes.

Immediate and Direct Appointment you don’t waste your time !!

오픈 예약 시간 Office Appointment Hours

주중 Weekdays 9:00AM – 8:00 PM

토요일 Saturdays 9:00AM – 3:00 PM,  Holidays Open only by appointment and When its Available.

Only On Thursday we will finish at 4:30 PM until end of June 2020 because of lecture for Cha Integrated medical science postgraduate university students 차의과대학 통합의학대학원 자세 체형 학과 강의로 목요일만은 6월 말까지 4:30 까지 운영 하오니 이점 양해 바랍니다  

We always welcome your visit but will appreciate your appointment before visiting, because we have busy schedule or outside for the lecture sometimes. Thank you for your understanding.

Appointment can be flexibly arranged for  example 8:00 or 8:30 am and 8:20 pm..

Holidays can be opened only when its available.

Address : Center Plaza Bldge 7F, suite 710, Gangnam daero 61gil 10, Seoul Korea south.

Direct Immediate Appointment call (바로 예약 문의) : (02) 533-5124 

30 min, 1hr Free Parking lot 무료주차 30분 , 1시간 경동주차장 : Kyung-dong Parking lot , take a right at the Gangnam Daega restaurant beside Our BLDG(the Center Plaza Bldg) or go  straight passing by gangnam daega , you will see the big ample parking lot on your right side soon, just bring your parking receipt to be stamped on it. Sometimes on saturdays Our bldg’s parking space(behind the BLDG) is available, you can park in there and just tell management staff on 1st floor about the visiting of room # 710 or just call us. 

Our Policy 

We always welcome your visit, Appointments are made in principle, EVEN During the Holidays Only when its available to open, you could make it directly and immediately.

If you signup our 10 or 20 sessions program It must be used within a given period, For example when you signed up 10 pack  It should be used in 3 months. 20 pack 6-7 months(depends on individually) or its expired automatically. Exceptionally your notification before finishing a given period of time, it can be extended. 

No Show Rule – If you don’t come on your appointment day without any notification 2 times in a row, it can be counted as one! we appreciate your understanding not to interrupt the appointment for others.

Pack sessions program you signed up can be canceled within a week apart from what one has received services, after 1 week, We keep going for the proper process of visiting purpose, not be canceled and refundable. Exception : when natural disaster like a heavy flood, earthquake etc affect whole country so phone calls are not usable.

Billing service -Super bill service only for Foreign insurance, International one like Cigna, SOS, Allianz, Aetna, GMC, CFE, AFC, Axa, BUPA, Blue etc.

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