May Special offer!! 봄 가정의 달 이벤트!!


건강한 척추와 바른 자세

아무 불편 없이 기능하는 균형 체형 건강!

For your Healthy spine and Better Posture

Stop-Pain , Functional Spine and Balanced Wellness !

Please keep an eye on this page for SPECIAL OFFERS at Health in Balance Chiro-Pilates Gangnam Seoul Korea.   From time to time a different offer will be posted and be valid for the time period.

강남 척추코어 밸런스 

15주년 국내외 모든 분들이 믿고 찾는 센터

 봄 가정의 달 특별 이벤트 !!

  • 예약시 10만원 상당의 무료 체형 분석 상담
  • 가족 및 커플 이인 이상 등록 시 최대 30~40% 할인
  • 개별 등록시 20~25% 할인
  • 밸런스 아이템 – 기능성 코어 목 베개, 기능성 신발 안창, 100% 순수 오일 – 10% 할인

Our May Special Offer !! 

100$ Value of Free screen and consultation by Appointment ! Family Member or Couple(more than 2 people together) Pack  Max 30~40% Off

Each Individual’s Pack – 20~25% Off 

 Fast, Precise and Quality  Service Since 2004!! 

 Hopefully Do Not let yourself and your friends, colleagues, lovers, family suffer any longer!

For Teachers and Office workers, Sports athlets, Students and you and your referrals  WHOEVER – Customized Specific Options to Fit for every each individual’s conditions

 By Appointment 100$ value of Free Consultation & Screen !

Custom made foot orthotics and realign Neck curve pillows &

All Balance Items includes 100% Top Pure Essential oils10% OFF  

We always welcome your visit and we will very appreciate your appointment first before visiting, sometimes we are outside for the lecture schedules.

Terms & Conditions Apply 유효 기한

Offer only valid for the period specified till End of month

유효 기간(Duration) ~월말까지 End of this Month

 Check out our website Various Special offers for your holistic health through the most natural way !

Appointment call (예약 문의) (02) 533-5124


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