Summer Special Offer !! 여름 이벤트!!


건강한 척추와 바른 체형

아무 불편 없이 기능하는 균형 체형 건강!

For your Healthy spine and Better Posture

Stop-Pain , Functional Spine and Balanced Wellness !

Keep an eye on this page for SPECIAL OFFERS at Health in Balance Chiro-Pilates Gangnam Seoul Korea.   From time to time a different offer will be posted and will be valid for the time period.

강남 척추코어 밸런스

12주년 여름 특별 이벤트 

  • 예약시 무료 자세 분석 상담

  • 특별이벤트 – 6회 또는 10회 등록세션 15~20% 할인,

  • 등록시 모든 학생 25%할인

  • 20회 ~30% 할인, 모든 학생 – 35%

  • 30회 ~35% 할인, 모든 학생 – 최대 40%

  • 밸런스 아이템 – 10% 할인

  • 기능성 코어 목 베개, 기능성 신발 안창, 100%에센셜 오일 – 10% 할인

  • 40회 이상 등록 할인 – 50% 할인

12th Anniversary Summer Special offer 

Free screen and consultation by Appointment !

Special Packs : 6 or 10 session Packs- Max 15~20 % OFF

20 or 30 packs : 25~30% off

  • Students – 25% Off for 10 packs , 35% for 20packs
  • 10% off –  Maintenance visit

 Hopefully Do Not let yourself and persons around you suffer any longer!

For English teachers  and Office workers, Sports athlets and you and your referrals  WHOEVER – Customized Special Options to Fit for All

 By Appointment Free Consultation & Screen !

Custom made foot orthotics and realign Neck curve pillows &

All Balance Items includes top Essential10% OFF  

We always welcome your visit but we will very appreciate If you make an appointment first before visiting.

Terms & Conditions Apply 유효 기한

Offer only valid for the period specified till 25 th of August, 2017

유효 기간(Dutation) ~2017년 8월 28일까지

 Check out our website Various Special offers for your holistic health through the most natural way !

Appointment call (예약 문의) (02) 533-5124

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