Addressed Problems


Many of the foreigners presently living and working in the Gangnam area of Seoul are not aware that there are English speaking chiropractors in Gangnam nor of the variety of health and wellness problems successfully addressed by proper chiropractic care.   

Most people who’ve never used chiropractic services before are not aware of the variety of health and wellness problems addressed by chiropractic. 

They’re usually very surprised but nevertheless happy to discover that they can obtain proper chiropractic treatment in Gangnam. 

 By it’s very nature, chiropractice treatment has a positive effect on a wide variety of health issues but probably the most immediate issue addressed by chiropractic treatment is pain.

Pain may occur in various parts of your back (probably the most common), neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, chest, hip, knee, legs, ankles, or feet sometimes even in the back of skull.

Pain may also manifest in headaches, facial imbalance, jaw pain, pain behind the eye, Disc condition, numbness, tingling sensations, pin prick sensations, muscle spasms or fatigue, Joints.

Other problems addressed include muscle stiffness/ sports injuries/ foot disorders/ posture problems/ digestion problems/  shallow breathing/ and even nervousness/ structurally face jaw imbalance/ bowed leg/ leg length inequality, Inch-up by correct posture/ Functional brain balance exercises/   pre & post natal program, Slimmers specific training, For the aged – Balance Function strengthening program   etc.

Obviously there is always the possibility that chiropractic may not be the answer to your problem. But we believe that chiropractic consultation should always be the first step in address health and wellness problems. That’s why Dr. Andrew Park of the Health in Balance Center in Gangnam offers a free consultation, valued at over 100,000 KW to all potential referral and 1st visit.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns about whether or not chiropractic in Seoul Korea is right for you.  Dr. Park has the training, experience and desire to help you if at all possible. you can be reached  (02) 533-5124

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