Customized Specific Program!! 상태별 특화 프로그램

– Specifically designed & applied Chiro – Kinesio – Pilates-Top quality Aroma touch Program for Functional, Balanced, Smart Body That is Pain-Free!

– IBT ( Integrated Balance Tech) Program

– ART (Active Release)

– Kinesiology

– Applied Osteopathy for children , teenagers and Beauty

Posture management (Leg length, Bowed leg, Pelvis, facial jaw imbalance  Crooked neck / shoulder / back, Scoliosis, feet imbalance, Inch-up etc) 

– Functional Neurology

– Ergonomics education

– Facial Balance (Jaw)

– Cranial Biomechanics

– Golfer Sports fitness & rehab

– Founder of Kinesiotouch (Aromatouch Combined with Kinesiology) 

– Customized specific programs related with Jobs – Computer worker, teachers, athletes, Golfer, Students, Ballet, Dancer, Musicians etc

– Custom made foot orthotics – By U.S pedorthiest

– Pilates Equipment rehab exercise program 

– Postural health Lecture for Schools and companies, Public office etc

Free Consultation by Appointment !

* See addressed Problems for more understanding * 

One of the things I’ve always thought that was interesting about chiropractic techniques was that it doesn’t involve a lot of expensive gadgetry. What’s unique about these tables is that they’re  adjustable so that the practitioner can create a variety of  ‘base situations’ from which to manipulate your spine (or mine  .  I don’t recall that my chiropractor back in Houston used the adjustable features of her tables.

Maybe they even weren’t the same kind that Dr. Park S. Woo (Andrew) in Gangnam seoul korea has,  I don’t know…..but, this kind of table apparently is state-of-the-art and it is basically the kind that Dr. Park has in his office in Gangnam.

When I was looking for an English speaking chiropractor in Seoul korea, I wasn’t really concerned about finding one with the right equipment because the skill in chiropractic is more knowledge based than technology based.  And Dr. Park,  seems to know his business very well.  More often than not, when I arrive, if he’s not busy, I’ll find him reading something about chiropractic.  Just last visit, he mentioned he’d been to some kind of special exercise seminar somewhere.  It sounded kinda interesting.

Remember that if you’re looking for a qualified and enthusiastic chiropractor in Seoul, I can tell you that Dr. Park has kept me in good shape.  I see him every other week.

Dr.Park’s chiro-pilates office is in Gangnam , only a short walk from exit 10 of the Gangnam subway station.


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