International Lecture for instructors & therapists, IKB technique 전문가강의

Our International Lecture for therapists and instructors of pilates yoga,sports fitness, peoples working related field !

강의 원본

IKB Technique

IKB( Integrated Kinesio Balance Technique) – Non force technique
Applied Kinesio-Neurology using tools –
Scoliotic exercises using various equipements based on schroth
Applied Pilates Using equipment of reformer and barrel chair ring props etc
How to do Self tests and corrective exercises

**  Dynamic technique like Diversified is limited for therapists only **

Lecturer : Park S. Woo  D.C
-U.S Licensed Chiropractic physician

-Pilates instructor for 12 yrs

-Certified IBT (Integrated balance technique, U.S)

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Language : English and Korean Sometimes English only.

Dates : Every saturdays 2:30 to 6: 30 for 4 weeks

but it can be flexibly adjusted by trainee’s schedule so just notify us before started, for example you can use weekdays also because of your date of departure  and schedule etc

Trainee : therapists and instructors of pilates, yoga, sports fitness Only in 5 people
Fee : 500$ U.S $
Wire : 202 20 591409 SC Bank  (Swift Code- SCBLKRSE) Korea south

Location : Gangnam seoul korea south check out Our Map

** Fee: You can also pay on the day you arrived in our center **
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강의 내용

Park’s IKB Technique
IKB( Integrated Kinesio Balance ) Non force technique 을 통한 효율적인 교정법
** Diversified 등 Dynamic 한 방법은 치료사에만 한정 교육 **
Neurology – 한가지 툴활용 하는 신경학에 한정
척추측만운동 슈로스활용 : 빈번한 케이스 적용 운동법
필라테스 – 리포머 배럴 체어등의 활용법
Self test 방법 및 관련 교정 응용 운동 교육

강의 박신우
미국 카이로척추닥터, 필라테스 인스트럭터, Certified IBT
일시 : 매주 토요일 2시반부터 6시반까지 4주과정
대상 : 치료사 피트니스 종사자 요가 필라테스 강사 등 
비용 : 55만원
입금 : 202 20 591409 SC 은행 
장소 : 강남 센터내 특강 5인 한정  (선착순)

문의 (02) 533-5124