Chiropractic from a historical perspective

First of all, since chiropractic is so common in the US (and probably Canada and the UK, AUS too), it’s usually quiet startling, even distressing, for foreigners to discover that chiropractic isn’t common in Korea.  Yeah, sometimes certain types of oriental medicene practioners do their own version of it but, according to Dr.Park, it’s not exactly the same.j

Did you know that chiropractic is the third most common medical profession in the US?  Yeah………..after doctors and dentists.  So it says in an interesting blog I found called Confessions Of A Quack Buster“.  Overall the article is complimentary toward chiropractors.

I wish chiropractic was that common in Korea.  It’s not.  In fact, Korea is one of the very few Koreas that (and I’m probably not explaining this literally correctly) don’t recognize chiropractic.  Koreans who want to practice real chiropractic have a very circuitous route to go.  It’s not easy.

Not that it makes much difference what anybody else says.  For people like me, who’ve benefitted immensely from chiropractic treatment………we darn well know that chiropractic treatment works.  There’s no ignoring the reality of pain or the absense of it.   I can tell you for a fact that since I’ve been visiting Dr. Park at his office just a few short minutes from the Gangnam subway station, I’ve been consistently better.

I really can’t remember where I found Dr.Park.  I remember googling English speaking chiropractor in Seoul and also a few other terms.   I wasn’t specifically looking for a chiropractor in Gangnam because, in fact, I don’t go there very often for anything else.  There’s one salsa club there but it’s not one of my favorites. 

I think I found an ad or two in oneof the magazines that expats read here in Seoul.  I really don’t remember.  But, somehow and for some reason which escapes me now, I found and picked Dr. Park.

I haven’t had any complaints.

I also found his prices to be reasonable…….totally on par with any other chiropractor in Seoul that I’m aware of.

One thing the author commented on that I found quiet interesting and very topical concerned the issue of vaccinations.  He mentioned that, generally speaking, chiropractors believe in holistic approaches toward healing as a first alternative.  I totally agree with that.  As you know, this issue of the swine flue is much in the news lately.

The more I read about it, the more leary I am of the idea of vacinnations.  Yeah, you can call me radical or conspiracy theorist if you want.  But I do know that this recently touted swine flue vacine is not thoroughly tested.  Yet the government still tells the average person to take it.

Not me, baby!!

There’s lots of evidence that untested or improperly tested vaccines caused untold number of medical complications for US soldiers in the Gulf War.  The basic thing to remember here is that a vaccine gets into your blood stream and your body and does God-knows-what.  And in my opinion it simply takes the long way around to solve a problem that, in most cases, is probably simply mechanical.  And that mechanical approach is what chiropractic is about (or seems to me to be about).

All I know is that I feel a heck of a lot better since I’ve been going to Dr. Park in Gangnam His office isn’t what you’d call huge.  But there is lots of equipment in it and he seems to always be reading something (or working on somebody) when I come in.  That’s proof enough for me that he’s doing something right.

I remember back in my days of direct sales in the US, selling signs and also leadership training material, that I met a lot of different kinds of professionals, including chiropractors and traditional medical people.  Almost without exception, regular doctors had no idea what chiropractors were about.  I never met one of them who had much good to say about chiropractors. 

But you know what?  Without exception, all the chiropractors I met and knew were nice people.  They seemed to operate clean, efficient, mission oriented practices and profitable businesses.  I think if I had to start over again and pick a career, chiropractic would be one of the professions I’d consider.  To me, being able to see the results and the benifits of your work is very important.

So…….I know that Gangnam might be more convenient to some people than others in the Seoul area.  But if you live anywhere within reasonable distance of Gangnam, I’d highly recommend Dr. Andrew Park, chiropractor and pilates instructor in Gangnam seoul korea. 

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